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Historical Fiction Genre Study & Book List

Historical Fiction Book List on Good Reads - click to open
  Mostly True Adventures of Homer P Figg - Level T/U - great HF book based during Civil War.                                             
Essential Questions:
1.    How can we better understand elements of historical fiction?
2.   How can we connect the history understanding and the story narrative to create meaning?
3.   How can we understand the perspective in our story?
Historical fiction is a complex genre. History comes alive in this genre.

 Historical fiction stories...
  •  are written to portray a time period
  •  convey information about an historical event
  • contain a lot of setting details
  • contain characters who are either imaginary or who have actually lived during the time
  •  introduce readers to themes that occur in our history… such as war, famine, and migration.
 Historical fiction  has many features of the fiction genre.
Stories are written as narrative because they tell a story about the character’s life.
The story may begin at any time in the subject’s life, dealing with events happening in the world at the time.
Descriptive  setting details give a sense of what is was like then.
Descriptive character description to make them seem real and important.
Historical fiction stories often compare the character to other people at that time. 
Strong cause and effect. Events in history set off a chain reaction and the character’s actions are part of that chain.  Decisions characters make are influenced by the events taking place. 
  Stories often explain the problems and obstacles faced by the subject and actions he took to overcame them.
Stories often explain motives – why the subject did something.  What did the person hope to accomplish in the world?
The author has a perspective and the story expresses that point of view.
 Stories often are written using the following sources, letters, diaries, interviews, documents (obituary, birth certificate, passport, speeches), research, informational texts, newspaper and magazine articles

Historical Fiction Story Elements
1.           Characters – imagined or real, on both sides of historical issue 
2.           Plotportrays daily life, follows historical events
3.Conflictreal historical problem or event is catalyst, problems of yesterday can reflect problems of today
4.Setting Details– Place of historical significance, specific factual use of time, use of authentic details, words of long ago.
5.Perspective – author or character’s point of view on history, position on issue depends on point of view

Monday, February 3, 2014

Rap Version of The Odyssey - Connect to Hero's Journey


Watch and listen to this rap version of The Odyssey.
  • How does this rap Odyssey help you to understand the story better?
  • How does it connect to what you learned about The Hero's Journey, The Lightning Thief or ancient Greece?
  • What words or images stand out to you?
Post your comments so that we can all see them.